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Rent my RAD

Try my Radical SR1 and become a racer for a day. 
Now you can rent my Radical SR1 for an exhilarating track experience! Feel the thrill, embrace speed, and join something extraordinary. I'll be your coach, and my team will ensure you learn every aspect of piloting this Radical. Let the adventure begin!
The track days that we will attend are:
  • 10-11 Feb Gaudix
  • 8 Mar Almeria
  • 30 Mar Gaudix
  • 16 June Monteblanco
  • 6 Jul Sevilla
  • 14-15 Almeria
This is whats included

Join me in my Radical SR1, sit beside me, and enjoy the ride. Experience the thrill, have a blast, and get a glimpse of the incredible world of Radical racing. Let's make memories on the track together!


One hour racer

Seize the wheel of my Radical SR1, embrace the velocity, and sense the g-forces. Immerse yourself in the extraordinary sensation of piloting something truly amazing. Unleash the thrill of driving at its finest.


Full day racer

Embark on a full-day journey in my Radical SR1. Our dedicated crew ensures the car's readiness. Receive expert coaching, guidance, and support to make this day truly memorable. Revel in the thrill, as every moment on the track becomes an unforgettable chapter in your driving adventure.


Buy my car

Everything comes to an end. When the time is right, my Radical SR1 will be for sale.